Joanne Rossman

Joanne Rossman
Experience the magic of treasures rounded up from the far flung corners of the earth.

Tucked away in the heart of Roslindale Village, the store is as original, creative, and quirky as its owner, Joanne Rossman.  Playful and thoughtful arrangements of antiques, jewelry, fine art and funky art, books, cards, ribbons, candies, Joanne’s signature scarves and slippers, and a wild array of irresistible unnecessaries greet the world-weary eye.

This is a store the imagination relishes, a store full of surprises and treasures, the place to find the perfect gift; to have a friendly, spirited chat; to spark an idea; to gratify the senses; to make the day a happier one. Iis a measure of Joanne's undaunted search for whatever she finds beautiful, meaningful, funny, useful, quirky, comforting– in short, irresistible 

Joanne Rossman is the heart and soul of her eponymous store’s whirlwind of delightful, unusual, and affordable gifts from around the world.  An artist in her own right, she is a legendary storyteller and writer, who radiates warmth, charm, and joie de vivre.  Everyone is greeted with a bright smile, a "hello, darling!" and a welcoming hello. 

You will find her in the heart of the newly revived Roslindale Square at 6 Birch Street, just a stone’s throw South of downtown Boston. An avid pug-lover, she has two rescues - Nana who joins her in the store most times, and Nicco who is a bit too rambunctious for that.
Wednesday - Friday: 1pm - 4pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Joanne's pug, NiccoJoanne's pug Nana